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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san bruno. federal investigators trying to get to the bottom of last week's deadly explosion and fire here in san bruno. we're going to be talking to the vice chairman of the ntsb, get some answers coming up in just a minute. >> also if you are approached by an oakland police officer, you may be on camera. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. that's because of hundreds of new wearable video cameras. but there are concerns over privacy. >> if your commute takes you around the bay in some of the higher elevations, watch out for drizzle. also flight arrival delays into sfo. >> you'll find that drizzle driving into san francisco but won't find delays at this point with a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of the road work has cleared through hayward but i'll have more details on other areas where you can find some road
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work. >> good wednesday morning. it's 5 a.m.. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. governor schwarzenegger will visit the san bruno fire site today direct from his asia trade mission. meantime e-mails received by federal investigators seem to offer no definitive evidence of neighbors smelling gas before the explosion. terry joins us live from san bruno. >> the ntsb investigators are the ones who are going to figure out exactly what happened. talk about the automatic shutoff valve and a number of other things that address those e-mail concerns. let's get to it now. vice chairman christopher hart joins me. thank you for being here. as far as finding out the cause of this explosion, what are the possibilities and what is the process? >> i won't speculate as to what might have caused it but the pieces, three pieces of pipe will be arriving in the washington d.c. metalergy lab
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tomorrow. in other words, did the give because of fatigue. contraction, did that cause fatigue, like bending a coat hanger back and forth before it broke. could it be corrosion, for example, impact damage from excavation. we'll look at all those causes. >> should there have been automatic shutoff valves, in place already? >> that's one of the issues we'll be exploring. this is a large pipeline and pipes of that size, the automatic shutoff valves are a little more difficult to accomplish. there are much smaller pipes that already have automatic shutoff valves. we'll explore that issue. >> we heard that you received 90 e-mails with regards to this incident. one apparently weeks ago report a smell of gas in the area and pg&e responded to that. what about the rest of those e-mails? what are they saying, what did
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they tell you? >> it's been a variety of things and we thank the public responding so well. ranged from people providing video of the event to people offering assistance to people saying here's dead vegetation, look into it and we will follow up. >> your report, it's not the one that assesses fines but exactly what does your report do? where does it go, who does it go to? >> that's correct. we're not an enforcer. we determine the cause and based on that issue recommendations to the appropriate party to do something about it. so if it's a operator, pipeline priority issued, we'll issue recommendations to them. if it's regulatory, we'll issue to the regulator. in the history of the agency, more than 80% of our recommendations have been acted upon favorably. >> christopher hart, vice chairman of the safety board, thank you for being here. eric and kristen, back to you. >> it's 5:03.
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officials have identified a fourth person killed in thursday's explosion, 81 elizabeth torres lived at 1660 claremont drive. that's just yards from the blast site. also killed were torres' neighbors, jacqueline greg and her 13-year-old daughter as well as 20-year-old jessica morales who lived nearby on earl avenue. >> the topic of gas pipeline safety comes up this morning in congress and east bay congressman says he'll be asking tough questions in the wake of the san bruno fire. the previously scheduled hearing on pipeline safety begins at 7:00 in washington. he will ask the house transportation and infrastructure committee to focus on the san bruno fire as they question a dozen investigators about the safety of high pressure gas lines in urban areas. >> it's 5:04 now. the san francisco police have two suspects in custody this morning as they investigate a fatal shooting and assault on two people inside a bayview district home. it happened after 11:00 last
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night where two suspects knocked on the front door of a house near ranken street. the man who opened the door got into an argument with the suspects. the quarrel turned physical and one of the suspects shot and killed a man at the door. a second victim inside the house was assaulted and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> oakland police are one step closer to wearing clip-on video cameras on their uniforms, a device that some call a win/win but others consider a privacy threat. >> well, those concerned about the privacy rights are worried about innocent bystanders being recorded. but many say that the benefits really outshine much brighter and that is in the sense that you could clear up any false allegations against officers' bad behavior but also keep those officers much more professional. now, the plan by the oakland
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police department is purchase 350 of these wearable video cameras plus the equipment to download what's been recorded. they clip on an officer's uniform, slide open and begin recording. they have a hard drive and the video at the end of the day is downloaded to a server. some were tested by oakland. now they've been recommended saying they'll improve officer safety. >> not only police safety but also citizen interaction. it's a way to morton our customer service, how we interact with the public and give them the best service and follow up. >> one of those things that can keep police more under control. >> now, some are worrying about the effectivity of those devices, but what the police say is that the officers will be properly trained to make sure they're recording. the cameras will replace the ones mounted on police cars and expected to record better. the council expects to get
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federal funding which will cost a total of $540,000. the issue is expected to go before full council for a vote by the end of this month. live in oakland, theresa garcia. >> it's 5:07. a marin county supervisor is calling for a review of the sheriff deputy's protocol for using tasers that follows the june 2009 tasing of a wood acre man had his own home. this is from a video mounted on the deputy's taser. this man was treated when two deputies and arrived. they tasered him three times when he refused to go with them to the hospital. the man is suing marin county as well as the deputies and involved. >> not expecting hot temperatures. >> did the wipers turn themselves on. >> they didn't. >> mike, tell us more. >> there is a little out there. i had to use mine a couple times
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coming across the bay bridge. it was thicker there but also thicker in the east bay hills so kind of surrounding the east bay shore and some of the higher elevations haven't quite made it into the valleys yet and below the radar this morning. nothing measurable yet as we look at live doppler 7 hd. let's talk temperatures. those will affect more of us under a cloudy sky at 8:00. 50 san rafael one of the cool spots, 56 fremont and san jose. by noon we'll see sunshine and the north bay, east bay valleys down into the santa clara valley, you see low to mid-70s there. still fairly cloudy around the bay with upper 50s around half moon bay and san francisco where we'll have to wait till a little later to see some sunshine. we'll be in the mid-60s around 4:00 in san francisco and oakland. low to mid-70s from fremont, palo alto southward. same type of temperatures in the north bay until you get to santa rosa at 77. here's your accu-weather seven-day forecast. expect more of the same tomorrow and 4 degrees cooler on friday
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and even cooler this weekend with a chance of rain up in the north bay. frances? >> mike, we start with good news. the road work in hayward has been cleared. a live shot of the san mateo bridge but the peninsula we have road work going on as you make your way out of half moon bay bay. eastbound 92 to northbound 880. that connection ramp is closed until 7:00. if you want to hit that streetlight, make a left and get on at bunker hill, that would be a good alternate. we'll head to the south bay and check the traffic. so far light here. as you make your way southbound 101 lanes may be blocked from road work from 880. but that's not gonna slow anyone down at this point. we'll check the commute for north bay riders as you make your way out of marin county and head towards the golden gate bridge. traffic looks great heading into san francisco. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:09. >> jerry brown picks up a powerful endorsement from an old political rival. that's next.
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>> the tea party stirs the political pot again. what this means for november coming up. >> also ahead the atlantic hurricane season gains steam. why people from miami to mexico when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> 5:13. tea party followers are celebrating a number of big victories from delaware to new york. canada's backed by that movement to the establishment in the last big primary day before november. abc's emily schmidt has more. (chanting) >> one of the nation's smallest states is now home to one of the year's largest political upsets. >> no more politicians as usual! >> christine o'donnell, a candidate who had run and lost twice for senate before won this time. she beat long-term congressman mike castle with the backing of the tea party and sarah palin. >> thank you, governor palin, for your endorsement.
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>> the voters of the republican primary have spoken and i respect that position. >> republican leaders thought castle could pick up biden's old seat and o'donnell could not. >> i have no doubt if she were by some miracle a nominee, that we would lose the seat and lose it by unprecedented numbers. >> tea party surges continued in new hampshire with a race that's neck and neck and the new york's governor's race. >> if we've learned anything tonight, it's that new yorkers are as mad as hell! and we're not gonna take it anymore! >> it's a nationwide voter refrain. >> the career politicians need to go for a while and we need to bring in some fresh people. >> an american university study of this year's primary races shows 4 million more republicans have voted than democrats. that voter gap could prove critical in november midterm
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election. >> charlie rangel won easily despite 13 ethics charges against him. >> despite years of animosity, former president bill clinton has endorsed democratic jerry brown in the california governor's race. clinton says they've put their differences behind them. but as you just saw in our last commercial break, mr. clinton is featured in a meg whitman commercial blasting brown for raising taxes while he was governor in 1970s. clinton made that comment as brown's rival in the 1992 presidential primary. they were based on a cnn report that turned out to be wrong. >> two hurricanes and a tropical storm are spinning through the atlantic. igor is packing winds up to 145 mph and is on track to hit bermuda. this is nasa video. julia was elevated to a category 4 storm this morning. it's packing winds of 135 mph. neither hurricane is expected to
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reach landfall in the u.s. and tropical storm karl, can't forget about him. he's heading for mexico's yucatan peninsula. >> let's talk about them, mike. >> let's take a look and show you some of the video or satellite from yesterday. karl bearing down. it's about 45 miles to the east and should make landfall over the next hour or two. interesting to have two category 4 storms turning in the at that time at the same time of that 145 mph wind out of igor. another perspective, look from our satellite and look how imette st. guillen -- look how impressive. it's a shift storm because it's going to stay out at sea. let's talk about what's going on here at home. you can see the low clouds, barely see the top of the bay bridge because of the thickness of the clouds. warmer weather starting to move
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in over the marine layer. that's why we're dealing with a little drizzle this morning. temperatures in the 50s if you're steeping outside. inland gilroy a little cooler at 49. let's talk about highlights, afternoon sunshine. slightly warmer today. more clouds and the cooling begins on friday though. a chance of rain this weekend, best in the north bay and that would also be on saturday. lesser of a chance on sunday. highs today down in the south bay in the lowed -- mid to upper 70s. low to mid-70s on the peninsula. downtown san francisco and sausalito 60s. near 80 the north bay valleys with low to mid-70s most of the east bay shore. east bay valleys low to mid-80s. same thing with morgan hill. low 70s santa cruz, watsonville. tonight's temperatures pretty close to this morning. mid to upper 50s from the coast through the bay into the east
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bay valleys and south bay and that's also where we'll find our thickest fog along the coast into the north bay valleys and around the bay into the san pablo bay. as far as what's going on, let's take a look at the satellite. you can see that low sitting here and spinning. going to do all week. in between the weekend rain it brings and small ridge developing. that's what's going to bring us the warmer weather today and tomorrow. clouds thicken as the storm draws near on friday. that will start our temperature drop. watch as the rain for the most part this week stays up in oregon starting thursday and friday. the cold front starts to draw near. the rain drops out into the north bay for saturday and to a lesser extent again sunday. sunday will be the coolest day with cloud cover everywhere. temperatures drop 10 degrees between now and sunday and a slight warming trend for monday and tuesday. good morning, frances. you have good news? you had an accident earlier. >> we did in fremont. on the mission boulevard
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off-ramp. that's on the shoulder as well. you get the idea. traffic is light. no problems here, 680 walnut creek. not even slow out of antioch yet. southbound traffic on the right, a 10 minute drive to the caldecott tunnel. check out the oakland maze for traffic heading towards the bay bridge. westbound 80 out of emeryville looking good across the east shore freeway. that's westbound 580. problem free through oakland. traffic is light in the east bay. we'll check out the north bay for you. 101 san rafael looking good as the cars go southbound and south bay no delays at the 280 and 17 interchange. you can get the latest traffic by going to our website. the place to go. you'll find it at the bay area traffic link. now time to head out the door shortly -- but first watch eric and kristen. >> don't go too soon. >> twitter tweets the way you
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tweet. the changes next. >> what's in a name? the baby who's renewing ccccccccc
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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>> good morning. 5:23. a live look at traffic as it streams through the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems here to report. there is some mist and drizzle out there. you may have to contend with this morning. mike will tell us more about that and frances will tell us if it's affecting traffic coming up. >> and france is one step closer to banning women to wearing the berk ca style veil in public. the senate passed the measure by an overwhelming margin. it's passed national assembly and only needs the president's
5:24 am
signature to become law. the law insures dignity for women and helps reinforce equality between the sexes. >> the celebration in the chilean mine where 33 men have been trapped 41 days. the wife of one of the miners has given birth to their first child. the couple planned on calling the little girl carolinena but changed their minds and named her espiranza which means hope. >> a big change designed to make it easier to check out photos and video. the new book debuting is split into two panes. the left side has the time line from tweets you follow. the right side has room for photos and user profiles. you don't have to leave the time line to see these. twitter hopes the change will help people linger longer.
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i just checked. they don't have it up yet. sometime today. >> longer? that's easier for you to say. 5:35 now. another electric car company may be ready to build here in the bay area. still ahead at 5:30, the jobs that could be created. >> also police are saying that a piece of technology may improve relations between police and the public. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. we'll let you know what piece of technology they'll now be carrying aside from a weapon. >> still hot in phoenix today at 104. but the real heat miami, new orleans near 90 with humidity there. let's talk about delays and we have one trying to get out of washington dulles international airport but the rest of us running pretty quietly. fog here at sfo and severe weather kansas city and st. louis. if we have delayayayayayayayayay
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when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san bruno. federal investigators are on the scene yet again today trying to figure out the cause of last week's explosion and fire out here. they have questions. if you have questions, let us know. we can talk to the ntsb investigators for you. i'll tell you about it coming up in one minute. >> also in the headlines, toyota admits to a software plug in a device crucial to determining the causes of sudden acceleration in some of its most popular vehicles. >> we'll see a little acceleration in temperatures but that warm air is causing a little drizzle and cloud cover. where that is heaviest and where we're going to find rain. >> you'll uncounter that as you head into san francisco. pretty quiet this morning. live shot of the oakland maze.
5:30 am
traffic flowing well on all the freeways at this point. >> new report out this morning says california's economy is slowly beginning to grow but a turn-around is still several months away. it's a wednesday, 5:30. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. developing news out of san bruno where national transportation safety board investigators have a better handle how many residents reported a natural gas smell before last week's explosion. our terry mcsweeney just spoke with an official. what are you hearing? >> hearing with regard to e-mails only one report came in weeks in advance of the explosion reporting the smell of natural gas and that pg&e responded to that. only one. were there phone calls? that has to be determined. investigators trying to figure out what caused the blast and what took so long to turn off the gas lines. the ntsb investigators out here looking into why the line didn't have automatic shouldoff valves that closed up when there is a
5:31 am
pressure drop. some pg&e lines do have them. as a result of this 56-year-old line not having an automatic shutoff valve, the pg&e crews had to shut off the gas by hand. that took close to two hours. what caused the blast probe is already well along. >> did the pipe give because of the fatigue over the year? the pressure change would cause the pipe to expand and contract. did that cause fatigue like bending a coat hanger back and forth before it broke. could it be corrosion? could it be impact damage from excavation? we'd be looking at all those types of causes to see what happened. >> again, after all the reports of people saying that they smelled gas out here two days before, five days before, several weeks before the blast last thursday, there is only one e-mail that says there was a gas leak. it was weeks before the explosion and pg&e did respond. if you're interested getting a
5:32 am
question, your question to ntsb investigators, we can do it for you. we're going to talk to them live. what can you do is send your question to i'll ask them some of your questions. >> send us those questions. terry, thanks a lot. 5:32. the families hardest hit by the fire finally got a chance to go home even though many have nothing left to return to. yesterday they put on white protective suits and walked on to their property for the first time. one woman there stood silently more than a minute as she pondered the ruins of her home. others found most of their property intact. one fire victim says he doubts he'll come back. >> whether we're going to be comfortable moving in?
5:33 am
that's a different story. my wife and children ran screaming barefoot from the house with a fireball behind them. kind of hard to bring the kids back to this neighborhood. >> authorities identified all four people killed in the fire. 81-year-old elizabeth torres lived at 1650 claremont drive yards from the crash side. her neighbors, jacqueline and 13-year-old daughter and 20-year-old jessica morales visiting her boyfriend on earl avenue watching a football game. >> next time you are stopped by an oakland police officer, smile, he may be taking your picture. abc 7's theresa garcia is live at the oakland police department to tell us more. >> well, the police department is saying that these cameras will pave the way to better relations between officers and the public and this is in the sense it will keep police more professional but also clarify
5:34 am
any allegations of officer misconduct and as you said maybe better detail any crime scenes. the oakland police department has announced a plan to purchase 350 of these wearable devices. they clip on a officer's uniform, slide open and begin recording. each has an internal hard drive. the video is downloaded to a server. they were tested over the summer and the chief has recommended the unit to the city council's public safety committee saying they'll improve officer safety but some critics wonder about the effectiveness. >> perhaps there's, you know, privacy issues or, i don't know. you know, any sort of bystander being exposed on camera and recorded. >> the issue of cameras, of course, is when do they get turned on? and who controls when they're on and not on? >> the police department says all officers will be properly
5:35 am
trained to make sure the devices are recording. the cameras will replace the ones mounted on police cars. they're expected to record better as well as less expensive. some of the money could be used to pay for this plus the council is expected to get federal founding. they'll vote on these cameras by the end of the month. theresa garcia. >> thanks a lot. toyota is admitting there was a problem with its black box readers. jenelle wang joins us to explain. they're admitting this while trying to get lawsuits dismissed. >> yeah. toyota admits there is a software bug when reading its black boxes that has nothing to do with reports of sudden acceleration problems. according to the l.a. times, the device to read the recorders could give incorrect information on speed but that did not affect the readings for pedal and brake application. toyota says it has fixed the problem but just the admission of the software bug cast fresh doubt on the reliability of data
5:36 am
collected. toyota has been hit with hundreds of lawsuits after drivers claim their cars suddenly sped up but the auto giant says half the cars tested, the brake had not been applied suggesting the driver made a mistake. therefore toyota is asking a federal court to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits filed against the company. those lawsuits have been consolidated and assigned to one federal judge in southern california. a hear on toyota's request to dismiss all the lawsuits is scheduled for november 19th. eric? >> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 5:36. the bay area may be on track to become the electric car hub of the nation. cording to the vallejo times, officials are close to a deal to open an assembly plant in venetia. it would join fremont as the latest bay area cities ramping up to build electric cars. tesla motors earlier this year announced it would open an assembly plant in the former nummi facility in fremont. the company plans to ship nearly finished cars from china here to
5:37 am
the bay area where the main drivetrain and safety components would be assembled. >> i want to clarify the address. you should send information if you have a question for the ntsb that terry was giving out, the address is: >> if you have a question that you'd like terry to pass along to the ntsb while he has them out there to ask questions of. 5:37. let's ask a question of mike. is there mist and drizzle out there, sir? >> absolutely. along the coast, along the bay shore. even the higher elevations as warm air when it comes over cool air, it tends to create a little of this drizzle in the morning hours for us. once we can get rid of the cloud, that warm air will bring us some warmer afternoons. here's a look at the temperatures. if you're leaving now, still coolest in the north bay valleys with novato at 50. santa rosa 51. menlo park and livermore 52. mid to upper 50s elsewhere with
5:38 am
cloud cover becoming more prevalent in the east bay valleys where it's been without it the longest. 24 hour temperature change, most of us pretty close to yesterday. a little cooler novato, about 4 degrees. a little warmer in antioch about 4 degrees. around the bay pretty close like zero in fremont. 8:00 temperatures not much of a change. low to mid-50s. by noon we see the sunshine break out in our valleys. low 70s north bay, east bay with mid-60s around the bay. 59 still in san francisco. by 4:00 mostly sunny. just about everywhere away from the coast with upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. mid-70s the south bay and north bay and upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valley. cooler weather starts on friday with extra clouds and that chance of rain mainly in the north bay on saturday lingering to sunday morning. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. still road work on the peninsula but looks like they just opened all the lanes on north 101 as
5:39 am
you make your way from oyster point to candlestick. kristen ran into that this morning. what you will find is lanes still blocked 280 through san bruno. that's scheduled until 7:00 but they could pick it up before that. as we go outside, what you find is light traffic around the bay area. headlights move on northbound 101 up towards san francisco. southbound looking good as well and no accidents to slow you down. we'll check out a live shot of the san mateo bridge. you're good to go here both directions and all the road work in hayward has been cleared as well. eric, kristen. >> thanks, frances. our time is 5:39. >> still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, gavin knewsome's vow after the board of supervisors passed a controversial booze fee. >> the high speed rail line. >> the high speed rail line. why san jose wouldn't it be nice if every time meg whitman told a lie her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown.
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but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> 5:42. san francisco mayor is promising to veto a controversial alcohol fee. under the measure bars and distributors would be charged an extra 35 cents for every gallon of beer. a dollar for every gallon of wine and $3 for hard liquor. it would pay for alcohol treatment programs and drunk
5:43 am
driving arrests. >> the san jose city council is recommending that a proposed high-speed rail crossing through downtown should be put aboveground. the council voted 9-2 in favor of the above-ground plan with the stipulation they have some control over the design. the below ground proposal would have cost five times as much. san jose's mayor chuck reid fears the rail authority could insist on an elevated station and thinks san jose should put language in to give the city some leverage. >> we're looking at perhaps putting some right of way into the project in the southern part of san jose. they want that. and so i think we can negotiate for some additional control over what they build in the city. >> in some places the tracks will be 90 feet in the air. it will take between three to five years to build and is expected to cost a half billion dollars. foreclosures spike again. the bloomberg business report is straight ahead. >> also do you need to run an errand but don't have the time
5:44 am
or energy. a new company says you need a rabbit to run your errand, a task rabbit. >> a local jockey is seriously injured when his horse goes down. >> don't get too comfortable on your next flight. how airlines could cram up to 50 more people navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs.
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>> welcome back. it is about 5:47 on this wednesday. look at the rain getting close to eureka and 63. the clouds along the coast, big sur 66. san diego, 77, la comfortable. 84 sacramento. mid-90s yosemite, palm springs. our last stop tahoe, sunshine and 74. here's eric with more news. >> mike, thank you very much. it's 5:47 now. are you willing to pay to have someone run your nuisance errands or do you have a car,
5:48 am
spare time and the urge to make a little extra money? there's a new website designed to work for both people with either of those urgings. >> there's about five items here in bags and boxes. >> laura wants to run a few bags of old clothes to the good will. >> and put the cash in an envelope. just bring that inside through the gate. >> she also wants to cash in a bag of coins at a nearby supermarket. but she doesn't wanna do it herself. so joshua leavitt of san francisco is going to run laura's errands while she stays at home and works on the commute u computer. the two never met until today when she hired them to do her running. their connection came from this website called task rabbit. >> i'd never hire a personal assistant. it would be awkward, i can't afford it.
5:49 am
but getting an extra pair of hands can really knock things off my to-do list. >> laura posts a job and how much she's willing to pay for it. potential runners issue counterbids. josh may say i'll do it for $10 an hour plus expenses. if the price is is right, commerce ensues. >> a lot better use of not making money. i figure why not. >> josh is among the 70% of task rabbit runners underemployed or unemployed. getting to be a runner involves an interview and background check so the customer feels safe. >> this is just a neighbor, someone in your community making an extra buck, why should i think they're going to try to cheat me or take something from me. >> if this doesn't sound new to you, that's because task rabbit
5:50 am
isn't the first website to advertise this service. craigslist has done it for years. the difference is task rabbit does a background check and has the person rate the rabbit who runs for them. makes you feel safer, especially women who may be home for their children. >> they have to have a background check. >> yes, to be a runner. some people had done both. they've been hired to go do their errands and also hired themselves out to do errands. >> you check out a profile. parents are used to running nuisance errands. >> absolutely you could do that. >> good deal. good story there. >> interesting. >> got a little mist and drizzle out there again, huh? >> a little. let's take a look outside, show you what to expect if you haven't left the house. heading to downtown san francisco, from the roof cam, the ferry building, most of the bay bridge but not quite the top because that's the low clouds, the marine layer, moisture moving in with that warmer air
5:51 am
above it. watch for mist, even drizzle all the way around the bay and some of their higher elevations as you head inland. let's talk temperatures and we're running pretty close to normal. we have low to mid-50s in the north bay valleys with mid to upper 50s for the rest of us until you get to livermore and los gatos. they're also in the low 50s. around the monterey bay, cloud cover dominating even inland and low to mid-50s here also. but sunshine, it is going to work its way through the clouds this afternoon and bring us a slightly warmer day compared to yesterday. by friday more clouds as the cold front draws near and the cooling trend begins. cold front actually push through the bay this weekend bringing our best chance of rain along the coast and into the north bay on saturday and to a lesser extent on sunday. that's why i think the best chance is still on saturday. for today let's focus in on how much warmer it's going to be. 1 degree oakland, concord, fremont. san francisco, san jose about 2 degrees warmer. a 6 degree boost in temperatures
5:52 am
compared to yesterday. mid to upper 70s the south bay. let's head over towards the peninsula, low to mid-70s there. mid-60s along the coast, downtown, sausalito mid-60s. near 80 through the north bay valleys. richmond, berkeley, oakland, upper 60s there. low to mid-70s elsewhere on the east bay shore. low to mid-80s the east bay valley. mid-60s monterey and carmel. a little more sunshine santa rosa, watsonville and salinas with low to mid-70s. dodgers in town. can't let them spoil the pennant for us. patchy fog and breezy, 7:15. temperature 62 dropping to 59. tonight cloud cover most of our neighborhoods. low 50s up in the north bay valleys. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. accu-weather seven-day forecast. expect a 4 degree drop on friday, another 4 degree drop saturday and coolest weather on sunday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. a pretty quiet start this
5:53 am
wednesday although a minor backup for the toll plaza, just the cash-paying lanes halfway through the parking lot. we'll check out the drive in contra costa county, 680 walnut creek. there was an earlier hit and run reported as you make your way through the area but off to the shoulder. nothing slowing down southbound through walnut creek through the san ramon valley. of course minor slowing out of antioch. we have that drive time. the entire stretch, lone tree way about 17 minutes and eastbound 92, actually both directions looking good san mateo county, all the road work cleared and mass transit systems reporting no delays right now. find out what's going on for your route to work by going to you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> all right, frances. it's 5:53. >> a new sparkle for gold and another hit for homeowners. >> here's bloomberg's jane king. >> microsoft internet explorer trying to take back market shares loss to apple safari and
5:54 am
other browsers. those pages will load faster. while about a third of adults are apps on their phone, only a quarter actually use them. another record number of people being foreclosed on. banks and other lenders took back almost 100,000 homes last month. meantime analysts say home prices could keep falling for another three years as sellers add as many as (1) 200-0000 more properties to the market, including those foreclosed homes. in the markets we had some losses in the dow and s & p 500 but the s & p still up almost 7% for the month. even with stocks rising, investors have been looking for safety and finding it in gold. the metal trading at a record high. i'm jane king. >> a bay area jockey remains in critical but stable condition after his spinal cord was served in a fall at the golden fields racetrack, a time when he and his fiancee are expecting their
5:55 am
first child any day. he was riding fair and warmer on sunday when he was thrown from the horse and then the horse fell on him. martinez is a rising talent at golden gate fields. he currently ranks 13th in north america. he was riding his way to a triple crown race. >> no telling how great this kid was gonna be. i mean, he was far above the ordinary -- your ordinary jockey. >> martinez is now paralyzed from the waist down but doctors tell the daily racing form that martinez is a prime candidate for embryonic stem cell therapy to regenerate his severed spine. it's a long shot but they say he may just get back in the saddle and ride again. >> a delta pilot is under arrest for reportedly trying to fly drunk from amsterdam to the u.s. danish police yanked him from the cockpit minutes before the plane was set to take off. they received a tip the 52-year-old captain was intoxicated. he registered a blood alcohol
5:56 am
level just about the limit. the passengers were put on other flights. >> speaking of flights, an italian company says it has come up with a space-saving seat design that makes flying more efficient, at least for the airline. they're calling these seats sky riders. they look like modified saddles with arm rests. it would narrow the space between rows to just 23 inches. sky riders would let airlines pack up to 50 additional passengers on a flight depending on the size of the plane. the company that designed it says the seat design is intended for short flights. the sky riders still need faa approval. >> i'm drafting a letter to the faa now. you wanna sign it, too? >> you betcha! 23 inches, no. >> especially your height. breath of silence. craigslist expected to explain its decision to change its
5:57 am
adults section with a single word: sensored. >> a way to pave a better relation between the public and police. instead a new peels of technology could really improve officers' safety in dealinininin
5:58 am
5:59 am
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